Nayno is one of the main charectores in the Shadow angel series besides Fang and Claw. Her voice is played by IceSkateingWarriorCat.


Nayno is a sweet, nice, shy little angel who loves to adventure with Fang and Claw. Nayno escaped the lab with another angel named Bell, who became her first and forever best friend. The duo ran into Fang and Claw and disided to join them on their adventure. Sadly Bell died after a spider demon injected her with poison in SilkWeb woods. She was devistated. Nayno soon became good friends with Claw but she always thought Fang was a jerk. Fang often teases or threatens Nayno to mess with her because he thinks shes weak.


Nayno is a pure white Shadow angel with golden tiped hair. Her tail has golden streaks down it as well. Nayno's wings are white with blue tiped feathers.




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